Never Have I Ever TV series

Why Never Have I Ever is the perfect coming-of-age show for a new generation.

Get ready to laugh, cry, and relate as we dive into the hilarious and heartfelt world of Never Have I Ever. This Netflix coming-of-age series has taken the world by storm with its refreshing take on teenage life, tackling everything from cultural identity to the complexities of family and friendship.

Created by Mindy Kaling and Lang Fisher, Never Have I Ever has captured the hearts of audiences with its relatable characters and witty writing. With three seasons and a fourth on the way, the show has become a cultural phenomenon, sparking meaningful conversations about representation and diversity in media!

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Never Have I Ever season 4

Exciting news for Never Have I Ever fans: a fourth season is on the horizon! With the romantic tension between Devi and Ben finally coming to a head in the season 3 finale, fans are eagerly anticipating what’s to come for the beloved characters of this heartfelt and hilarious series.

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What will happen in Never Have I Ever season 4?

In the season 3 finale of Never Have I Ever, we saw Devi grappling with the decision to attend Shrubland, a school for academically gifted students. After a visit with her mother, Nalini, Devi ultimately decides to stay at Sherman Oaks and not attend Shrubland.

Meanwhile, Devi and Ben’s romantic tension comes to a head as they share a kiss. Fans can expect the aftermath of this development to play out in season 4 and the continued growth and exploration of the show’s diverse characters and themes.

When is Never Have I Ever season 4 released?

Fans of Never Have I Ever are eagerly anticipating the release of season 4, and we have good news: the new season is set to be released in 2023! The show’s third season was approved by Netflix on August 19, 2021, and premiered on August 12, 2022, with ten new episodes.

While there’s no official release date for season 4 yet, you can rest assured that the show’s creators are working hard to bring us more of the heartfelt, hilarious, and insightful storytelling we’ve come to love. Stay tuned for updates on the upcoming season of Never Have I Ever!

Never Have I Ever season 1-3: What happened before?

If you’re eagerly anticipating the release of season 4 of Never Have I Ever and need a refresher on what’s happened so far, you’re in luck! Seasons 1-3 of the show follow the trials and tribulations of Devi Vishwakumar, an Indian American teenager growing up in California.

Throughout the series, Devi navigates high school, friendships, family drama, and first love, all while trying to make sense of her identity and place in the world.

Never Have I Ever season 1

Season 1 of Never Have I Ever introduces us to Devi Vishwakumar, a high school sophomore determined to improve her social standing and find a boyfriend. Devi is dealing with the recent loss of her father and the paralysis that resulted from a traumatic experience at a school concert. Devi navigates the ups and downs of high school life, including crushes, mean girls, and family drama, along with her two best friends, Fabiola and Eleanor.

Throughout the season, Devi’s complicated relationship with her mother, Nalini, is a significant source of tension, as is her crush on Paxton Hall-Yoshida. This popular jock seems out of her league. Meanwhile, her academic rival Ben Gross becomes a surprising ally in her quest for popularity, and she struggles to reconcile her Indian heritage with her American upbringing. The season culminates in a shocking twist that forces Devi to confront her unresolved emotions and the consequences of her actions.

In the latter half of season 1 of Never Have I Ever, Paxton avoids Devi after their emotional encounter involving Nalini. Devi moves in with Ben to avoid being sent to India, which causes tension between the two academic rivals. Nalini visits Devi on her father’s birthday to ask her to spread his ashes, but Devi initially refuses, suspecting that it’s a ploy to get her to move back in with her family.

However, after Ben encourages her to reconcile with her mother, Devi agrees to go to Malibu with her family to spread her father’s ashes. Ben offers to drive Devi without means of transportation, and they encounter tennis legend John McEnroe at the beach. After spreading her father’s ashes, Devi agrees to move back in with her family, and she kisses Ben after he waits for her outside her house. Meanwhile, Paxton leaves a message for Devi to reconcile with her, but she misses it.

Never Have I Ever season 2

Season 2 of Never Have I Ever picks up where the first season left off, with Devi facing the ultimate high school dilemma: Paxton or Ben? The pressure is on as Devi struggles to choose between the two boys who captured her heart. But things turn wild when her going-away party turns into a two-timing disaster. Devi finds herself caught in the middle of a love triangle and must find a way to mend broken hearts and rebuild her reputation.

As if Devi’s love life wasn’t complicated enough, she finds herself in a scandal involving a new student, Aneesa. When Devi accidentally spreads a vicious rumor about Aneesa, she quickly realizes the consequences of her actions. But it’s too late as the rumor takes on a life of its own, and Aneesa’s life is turned upside down. Devi must make amends before it’s too late and restore her credibility.

Thankfully, Devi’s apology to Aneesa is sincere, and she does everything in her power to make things right. She reaches out to Aneesa and her family, admitting her mistake and asking for forgiveness. Nalini, Devi’s mother, also plays a vital role in helping to rectify the situation, and she convinces Aneesa’s mother to let her stay, despite the controversy surrounding her daughter.

Meanwhile, Devi’s cousin, Kamala, faces her battles as she fights against misogyny in her lab at Caltech. Despite making a groundbreaking discovery, Kamala is denied recognition by her peers and refuses to take it lying down. She inspires Devi to do the same as she stands up for herself and her work. In the end, Devi reconciles with her mother after uncovering an old video of her father, and Kamala emerges victorious, proving that she’s a force to be reckoned with.

Never Have I Ever season 3

Season 3 of the show sees Devi, who is now dating Paxton, grappling with the reactions of her schoolmates to her relationship. She receives an anonymous message warning her about Paxton, who is not who she thinks he is. Meanwhile, Fabiola breaks up with her girlfriend due to the strain of a long-distance relationship.

Kamala informs the family that she is not getting married. Devi discovers that the anonymous text was sent by Haley Garcia, Paxton’s former best friend whom he ghosted after they hooked up. Devi’s mother, Nalini, makes a new friend, Rhyah, and Nirmala throw a makeshift East Indian Bachelorette party for Nalini.

In a Valentine-themed episode, the high school sets up a matching game for the students. Paxton matches with Hailey and Devi with Eric Perkins, but Ben lies that he was matched with his girlfriend. Paxton and Devi have broken up, and she is set up with Rhyah’s son, Des, for a party. Devi becomes jealous when she spots Paxton kissing another girl and dances with Des to make him jealous. A Ben-centric episode reveals that he is diagnosed with impacted fecal matter in the colon after having not defecated in weeks.

Devi and Des continue to date behind their mothers’ backs, and Manish catches Devi cheating in a debate club match. He takes her home to Nalini and Nirmala, and Nirmala sees the man Kamala has fallen for and accepts him. Devi is determined to hook up with Des, and just as they are about to have sex, Rhyah walks in on them.

In the season’s finale, Devi is faced with a difficult decision after being accepted into Shrubland, a prestigious school for academically gifted students in Colorado. Initially hesitant to go, Devi’s mother, Nalini, decides to visit the school with Devi after some convincing from Kamala, Devi’s aunt. Devi is excited by Shrubland’s opportunities but realizes she doesn’t want to leave her mother and her friends behind.

Meanwhile, tensions rise between Devi and Ben after she misinterprets his attempts to persuade her not to go as jealousy. Devi opens up to Ben about her struggles to maintain a relationship, and he jokingly gives her a “one free boink” pass. At the same time, Eleanor discovers that Trent, her crush, will be repeating his senior year, and Paxton publicly acknowledges Devi’s help in getting him into college during his graduation speech.

As the season ends, Devi ultimately decides to stay in Sherman Oaks and declines her acceptance to Shrubland. She also learns that she is the only virgin in her friend group after Fabiola reveals that she had sex with Addison. Devi goes to Ben’s house and hands him the “one free boink” pass, and the two share a passionate kiss as the bedroom door closes behind them. The season ends with Devi’s family throwing her a party to celebrate her decision to stay.

Never Have I Ever cast

Never Have I Ever features a talented and diverse cast that brings the show’s characters to life. From the lead role of Devi to her family and friends, each actor delivers a memorable performance in this coming-of-age series. The cast’s chemistry is one of the show’s highlights, making it a fun and heartwarming watch.

The entire cast of Never Have I Ever is as follows:

  1. Devi Vishwakumar: Maitreyi Ramakrishnan is Devi Vishwakumar, a 15-year-old Indian-American girl who is dealing with the challenges of high school while coping with the recent loss of her father.

  2. Ben Gross: Jaren Lewison is Ben Gross, a famous and wealthy classmate of Devi’s who also serves as her academic rival.

  3. Nirdesh: Anirudh Pisharody is Nirdesh, a friend of Devi’s who shares her passion for robotics and coding.

  4. Dr. Nalini Vishwakumar: Poorna Jagannathan is Dr. Nalini Vishwakumar, Devi’s mother, a dermatologist struggling to come to terms with her husband’s death while raising her daughter.

  5. Paxton Hall-Yoshida: Darren Barnet is Paxton Hall-Yoshida, a popular and attractive classmate of Devi’s who she has a crush on.

  6. Kamala Nandiwadal: Richa Moorjani is Kamala Nandiwadal, Devi’s cousin, studying at Caltech and facing cultural expectations from her family.

  7. Eleanor Wong: Ramona Young is Eleanor Wong, one of Devi’s best friends who is a drama enthusiast and always ready to offer advice.

  8. Fabiola Torres: Lee Rodriguez is Fabiola Torres, Devi’s other best friend who is grappling with her sexuality and coming out to her family.

  9. Aneesa Qureshi: Megan Suri is Aneesa Qureshi, a new student at the school who is famous and outspoken and quickly becomes friends with Devi.

  10. John McEnroe: John McEnroe plays himself, the famous tennis player who serves as the show’s narrator.

  11. Nirmala Vishwakumar: Ranjita Chakravarty is Nirmala Vishwakumar, Devi’s grandmother, who comes to live with the family after her husband’s death.

  12. Mr. Manish Kulkarni: Utkarsh Ambudkar is Mr. Manish Kulkarni, Devi’s science teacher, who is a bit of a slacker and often shows movies during class.

  13. Dr. Jamie Ryan: Niecy Nash is Dr. Jamie Ryan, a therapist who helps Devi and her family deal with their grief.

  14. Andy Samberg: Andy Samberg plays himself, in a brief cameo in the show, as a potential love interest for one of the characters.

  15. Rhyah: Sarayu Blue is Rhyah, one of Ben’s love interests who also happens to be a friend of Devi’s.

  16. Parker: Deacon Philippe is Parker, a new student at the school who catches the eye of both Eleanor and Fabiola.

FAQ about Never Have I Ever TV series

How old is the cast of Never Have I Ever?

The cast of Never Have I Ever comprises young and talented actors who have portrayed teenage characters in the series. Maitreyi Ramakrishnan was born on December 28, 2001, making her 21 years old as of 2023. Jaren Lewison, who plays Devi’s on-and-off love interest Ben Gross, was born on December 9, 2000, and is currently 22 years old.

Other cast members include Darren Barnet, who portrays the popular and attractive Paxton Hall-Yoshida and was born on April 27, 1991, making him 31 years old. Poorna Jagannathan, who plays Devi’s overachieving mother, Dr. Nalini Vishwakumar, was born on December 22, 1972, and is 50 years old.

Ramona Young, who plays Devi’s quirky best friend Eleanor Wong, was born on May 23, 1998, making her 24 years old. It is clear that the cast of Never Have I Ever is composed of a mix of relatively young and experienced actors who have brought life to their respective roles.

Is there season 4 for Never Have I Ever?

Yes, there will be a fourth and final season of Never Have I Ever, which will premiere in 2023. The announcement was made by Netflix in March 2022, confirming that the show would return for one last installment to conclude the story of Devi Vishwakumar and her friends. The show’s creators, Mindy Kaling and Lang Fisher expressed their excitement about the final season. They have promised that it will be an emotional and satisfying conclusion to the series.

It should be noted that the release pattern for Never Have I Ever has been consistent, with each season dropping approximately a year after the previous one. Season one launched in April 2020, while seasons two and three were released in July 2021 and August 2022, respectively.

With season four set to debut in 2023, the show will have a four-season run, a typical length for many Netflix original series. Fans of the show can expect more of the same witty humor, heartfelt moments, and coming-of-age drama that has made Never Have I Ever a beloved hit among viewers.

How many episodes of Never Have I Ever?

Never Have I Ever has been consistent with its episode count, with each of the last three seasons consisting of 10 episodes. This episode count has been well received by fans and critics alike, as it allows for a well-paced and well-developed story to be told in each season.

With the announcement of a fourth and final season of Never Have I Ever, fans can expect another ten episodes to be added to the show’s total episode count. This will bring the total number of episodes to 40, making it a substantial and complete series that can be enjoyed. With its unique blend of humor, heart, and relatability, the show has become a fan favorite, and it will surely go down as one of the most beloved coming-of-age comedies of its time.

Will Devi end up with Paxton?

Whether Devi will end up with Paxton has been discussed among fans since the show’s debut. Devi had a crush on Paxton in the first season but discovered he was dating another girl. In the second season, Devi started dating Paxton, but their relationship faced several obstacles, and they ended up breaking up. The third season saw Devi struggling to choose between Paxton and her other love interest, Ben.

Without giving away any spoilers, it’s safe to say that the season leaves Devi’s romantic future up in the air. The writers may decide to have her end up with Paxton in the end, but it’s also possible that they may choose to take the story in a different direction.

Regardless of what happens, it’s clear that the chemistry between Devi and Paxton is undeniable, and their complicated relationship has been one of the most exciting parts of the show.

Is Never Have I Ever cancelled?

As of now, there has been no announcement that Never Have I Ever is canceled. It was announced in March 2022 that the show had been renewed for a fourth and final season, set to premiere in 2023. The show has been well-received by audiences and critics alike, with praise for its authentic and heartfelt portrayal of adolescence and diverse representation.

Netflix typically makes renewal decisions based on viewership numbers and critical reception, so the fact that Never Have I Ever has been renewed for another season indicates that it has been booming on both fronts. Fans can look forward to one more season to wrap up the storylines and character arcs.

Where can I watch season 4 of Never Have I Ever?

As of now, season 4 of Never Have I Ever has not been released. It is expected to premiere in 2023. When it does become available, it will be exclusively streaming on Netflix.

You will need a subscription to the streaming service to watch the show on Netflix. Netflix is available in most countries worldwide and can be accessed through various devices, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, smart TVs, and gaming consoles.

If you don’t have a Netflix account, you can sign up for one on their website and choose a subscription plan that fits your needs. Once you have an account, you can search for “Never Have I Ever” and add it to your watchlist. When season 4 is released, it will be available for streaming on the platform.

Is Never Have I Ever show 18+?

Never Have I Ever is rated TV-14, which is intended for audiences aged 14 and above. The show deals with topics such as sexuality, mental health, and relationships and features strong language and sexual references.

While the show may be appropriate for teenagers, parents may want to watch it with their kids and use discretion when deciding whether it suits their particular child.

It should be noted that while the show is targeted toward older audiences, it received numerous praises for its relatability and authenticity. Many viewers, especially those in their late teens and early twenties, have found the show a realistic and heartfelt portrayal of teenage life.

The show’s ability to tackle serious topics in a way that is both accessible and engaging has made it a hit with audiences of all ages. It has led to critical acclaim and numerous award nominations.

Is Never Have I Ever Netflix a book?

Never Have I Ever is not based on a book. The series was co-created by Mindy Kaling, who drew inspiration from her experiences as a first-generation Indian American. The show has become a hit among viewers, particularly those who appreciate the representation of diverse characters and cultures.

While Never Have I Ever is not based on a book, it has become a cultural touchstone for many young adults and a source of inspiration for those seeking to tell their stories. The show’s themes of identity, family, and growing up are universal, and its unique perspective and diverse cast have helped to set it apart from other teen dramas.

Although there is no book to accompany the series, fans of the show can find plenty of discussion and analysis online, as well as a range of merchandise and other tie-ins.

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